Saet Weighing

Over fifty years of manufacturing and application experience in the industrial weighing, dosing and mixing system with special attention to Customer’s real operating and management requirements, have made SAET the manufacturer which is closet to the demands of the industrial user, from the point of view of both the range of products and special solutions.

Considering the total requirements of the system, we can offer the customer the most suitable "tailor made" solution taking in to account material specifications, the handling requirements and plant lay-out.
SAET system already have applications operating in iron, steel, chemical, ceramic, mining, food, cement plants, and these processes with bulk material handling in which static or dynamic wheighing is required.

SAET can provide from the simplest Weighing and Dosing Systems (composed by mechanical and electrical / electronic equipment) to the most complete and complex process automation and control recipe systems.


Electronic measurement and control instrumentation - WS210 Series

WS210 is the new SAET Platform for automation, weighing and dosing systems.
High precision and high flexibility it can be used in industrial environments where it is necessary logic, visualization and communication.
The signal management of the load cell makes it a suitable instrument to each weighing system.
WS210 / S for static weighing
WS210 / B for dynamic weighing
WS210 / D for dynamic weighing (measurement and flow control)
WS210 / L for Loss in Weight Dosing System


Advanced logic and modern graphics are the real difference.








The WS210 system consists of a programmable control unit, supplied with an appropriate software installed according to the required weighing/dosing application. The graphical interface given by the graphic touch screen color display, is modern, easy to use and enables the parameterisation and complete monitoring of the variables system.


One hardware for all applications