Static Weighing

SAET static weighing systems are commonly used in industrial processes that require control of the filling level of silos and storage hoppers.

SAET static weighing systems are based on proven technology of Load Cell Strain Gauge type, which, combined with special accessories with constraint spherical joint, represent an optimal solution in terms of reliability and accuracy. SAET stating weighing systems consist of three or more weighing modules (Load cell + Accessories with constraint spherical joint) based on the application, with a range 0.5÷200 tonnes. 

The advantages of SAET static weighing systems are:
High accuracy: The system measures the weight of Silo / hopper to determine the level of material contained therein;
No contact with the material: The weighing system is located outside of the Silo / Hopper, therefore it is not affected by the characteristics of the material to be weighed (Explosiveness, flammability, etc.).
Easy Installation: The weighing system does not need Special equipment for aiming, and you can easily install both on new structures or on existing structures (on request it can be supplied fit customized accessories to comply particular customer requirements).


The SAET Static Weighing system is proposed with the WS210/S measuring and control unit, installed with software enable to detect the weight of silos, tanks, platforms, etc.

The WS210/S system consists of a programmable control unit, with a graphic touch screen color display interface, it is modern, easy to use and enables the parameterisation and complete monitoring of the variables system.